Everyday Life at Keumbu Childrens Home

Our home is bustling with life, laughter and the daily goings-on of a normal (albeit large!) family.

Here are a few pictures of daily life in Keumbu children’s home.

Some of our boys who completed their Standard 8 (Grade 8) exams this year. They are off to high school next year. Well done boys!
Meet our chicken! They provide much needed protein for our large family!
Our new church building
Abel (founder of the home and pastor) standing in front of the new church building!
Immunity boosters for the children
This is Angela, one of our precious girls in the home.

We are grateful for your support and prayers!

If the Lord leads you, consider partnering with us to provide our children with food, shelter, education, medical care.

God loves the orphan child and our mission is to reach and transform as many orphaned and vulnerable children as possible, so they may know the love of God and become responsible citizens in their community.

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