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KEUMBU HOLINESS CHILDRENS HOME is an orphanage and integrated vulnerable children registered by the department of culture and social services located in Keumbu Division, Kisii County, Kenya.

The home was started in the year 2001 and currently supports and cares for orphans and vulnerable children by facilitating their education, access to medical care and counseling services to those orphaned by HIV/AIDS, the abandoned and the destitute within Keumbu Division.


1. That every child has a right to education, medical care and secure shelter for growth towards self reliance.

2. That building the capacities of the orphaned and vulnerable children through participatory development process is the key for sustainable development.

3. That development intervention for beneficiaries takes place within the context of the existing environment and dynamics phenomena through flexibility and adaptability.

4. That while the girls and women cause in education should be promoted this should be without description to boys and men.

5. Those open management practices and accountability to success and development.


To transform orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) into self-reliant and responsible citizens contributing to the development of their communities.


To reach and touch as many orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) through Education, medical care and provision of adequate shelter for a better community.


To mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS by providing care and support to the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) through the provision of formal education, food, clothing, shelter, and counseling so as to make them self-reliant and useful to their communities.


Click here to read about our Programs and how you can be involved.

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first home in keumbu

The first feeding program started 2003 at a semi permanent structure with 25 children lunch time feeding

Kitchen & dining

A new Kitchen (2013)

History by Founders – Pastor Abel & Jane Onchari

Pastor Abel & his wife Jane

My name is Pastor Abel Onchari Onindo. I am 51 years old, married to Jane Onchari. We have been blessed with 5 children, two boys and three girls and 3 grandchildren.

I have been walking with the Lord since 1985.

I grew up as an orphan and went through severe hardships.

God touched my wife Jane and I when we saw so many orphaned children who were suffering because there was nobody to look after them.

I understood their pain because I was an orphan

We did not have anything, like money or food. Not even cooking pots or cooking oil. But God told us to start feeding the orphans. And He said He will provide for them.

So we started to walk by faith and approached a local supermarket and requested for assistance. The manager agreed and committed to give us maize flour and cooking oil every week. The members of our church also donated maize. Praise God!

We saw the doing of the Lord. From there we moved on talking to other people, both in Kisii where the home is located and further out, even all the way in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. And we saw God working. This was back in 2003.

We started fundraising same year and built the home for the children because most of the children were staying in my house and my house could not accommodate them all.

Some of the children, whom we started with, were in Kindergarten at that time but have since then completed high-school.

Currently we have many children in primary school (grade 1 – grade 8) and others in high school.

Currently we have four rooms for boys, one room for girls section, a dinning hall and a very good kitchen. There is electricity in the center and many of these children are doing very well in school.
We thank God for the far that He has brought us. Amen.

Pastor Abel

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