The Projects

Keumbu Orphan Center is currently supported by donors.

However the home would like to become self-sustaining in order to adequately meet the needs of the children.


1. Dairy Cow Farming.

2. Motor bike (Taxi business)

3. School project

Projects in details

1. To buy a piece of land (for dairy farming and education center) – 1/8 acres – $ 4,878 (update – land has been bought)

2. To acquire 3 dairy cows $3,475 (including the cow sheds)

The dairy cattle will provide enough milk for the children as well as generate income (through sale of surplus milk) that will towards paying of school fees and other needs in the home.

3. To acquire 3 motor bikes $3,658

The motorbikes will be able to generate money to take care of the daily expenses for the home while saving up to buy other two new motorbikes yearly.

4. Construction of education center – 4 classrooms – $ 15,243

Click here for more information about the School project

Total cost of the projects $27,254

Support any one these one of these projects.

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Bank details

Keumbu Holiness Self Help Group

Account 01100018468100

Cooperative Bank of Kenya, Kisii


Kisii, Kenya