The programs

1. Education

This is one of the key program for Keumbu Holiness Children’s Home, which started in 2002. The center has a high school going students, which started 2008 and aims to facilitate education to college level.

Prior to this K.H.C.H carried out a survey and found out that most of the orphans and vulnerable children do not attend high school education although they pass well in K.C.P.E (grade 8 exams). In addition to education the children participate in co-curricular activities as sports, music and education excursions.

2. Child Sponsorship

This initiative was started in 2002 to pool resources for supporting the education program. Its aim is to identify willing local and international adoptee parents who can support at least one or more children by availing financial and material support to the school and the child’s guardians to reduce psychological problems among students. The program is also engaged in fund raising for sponsorship funds for the students in tertiary colleges.

3. Feeding Program

The feeding program is central to the success of the educational program.

There are two key feeding programs;

1. The outreach community feeding program for the children supported by the center but who stay with foster parents

2. The in house feeding program for tho children who live in the center.

4. Medical Care and Counseling program

Special medical attention is given to orphans who are sick and regular check ups to ensure that all children are in sound health.

Keumbu Orphan Center is currently 100% donor-supported. (But also working towards self-sustenance. Click here to read about the Projects)

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Kisii, Kenya, Africa.


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